Thursday, February 28, 2013

Block No. 26. Ladies Wreath - Mourning for Mother

No. 26.  Ladies Wreath - Mourning for Mother

Block No. 26.  Ladies Wreath - Mourning for Mother

I had a hard time with this block...not in the piecing, but in the choice of colors.  Such a difficult time women had in the birthing process.  

Block is from Blockbase No. 1131, or if you don't have Blockbase but have EQ, you can easily make it using Easy Draw. 
Ladies Wreath is from the Ladies Art Company - 1890.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Block No. 25: Carrie Nation

Block 25 - Carrie Nation


This is the 25th block in our weekly series.  I'm happy to keep up.  I'm continuing to use up scraps from my stash.  The little pieces for the yellow came from my waste basket.  

My sewing room is a mess today.  Fabric and little treads everywhere so I will be cleaning that up.  Seriously can a woman make such a mess in so little time?

The block was foundation pieced and then the sections were hand pieced together as I watched a movie with my hubby last night. 

Basically, it's a double 4 patch.  If you have EQ you can find it there.  If you have Blockbase it's block 1105.

Every time I make a block and foundation piece with the foundation piecing papers I get on EQ, the blocks come out just a wee too small, so I'm trying something different.  I'm asking EQ to print out the foundation papers at 8.1 inches instead of 8 inches and it's working.  I have a perfect 8.5 inch square, not 8.25 as it had come out in the past.  Yes, I know to make a quilt they should all be the same size, but I just had to know if this would work.    

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Block No. 24 - True Blue - Too Smart

Block 24:  True Blue - Too Smart

Block 24 now finished.  Sections are foudation pieced and then hand pieced sections together.  


Looking at the process

Colors tested in EQ7

Foundation Pattern is printed ready to cut into sections.   Each color is marked.

Each section is cut out and pieced and trimmed with 1/4 inch seam allowance Lines are drawn on the sewing line in preparation of hand piecing.

Each section organized for hand piecing

This is my process.  Once I begin the hand piecing the paper is removed from the back before I piece.  It's easier to piece without the paper.  Organizing is important for me.  Without that I'd get all mixed up as to what goes where.  I mark the sewing lines for ease of piecing.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Block 23: Girls Joy - An Ounce of Persuasion

Block 23:  Girls Joy - An Ounce of Persuasion
Block No. 23 - Girls Joy - An Ounce of Persuasion

This is the 23 block of Grandmother's Choice sew along.  Keeping with my promise...I used fabrics from my stash.  Individual Sections were paper pieced and then the Sections were hand pieced together