Saturday, August 10, 2013


48.  Fair Play:  Canadian Suffrage

All the fabric is from my stash (mostly small pieces of scrap). This block was both pieced and appliqued. I pieced the background 4 patch first.  I then pieced another smaller 4 patch.  I centered a circle template on the blue 4 patch and cut around leaving a 1/4 inch margin.  Then I threaded around the margin and pulled for my circle.  I  cut the center of my template out, then leaving a quarter inch margin on my fabric, cut out my center fabric.  Using a Fons and Porter glue stick and snipping here and there,  I glue basted the center fabric of the ring to the template.  The fabric ring was then centered and glue basted on to the background 4 patch and appliqued.  After applique, I cut out the back and pulled the ring template out.   Lots of fun making this block.  Using applique techniques I forgot I had.

The block still needs to be cut down to 8.5 inches.

Fair Play is a four patch block given the name by the Ladies' Art Company in the early 20th century.

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