Monday, October 29, 2012

Block 9 - Brick Pavement: March on Washington

Block 9 -  Brick Pavement: March on Washington

On Monday March 3, 1913 women from all walks of life marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC on behalf of women's right to vote.  There were more than 5000 marchers.  The women were verbally and physically abused by crowds of men.  The police rather than protecting them joined in on the abuse. Many women were hospitalized.

I think it will do us well to remember how far we have come and never miss our chance to vote.

There is  a very good explanation of the march and links to other sites on The Blog: Grandmother's Choice: Votes for Women.  See also  Marching for the Vote: Remembering the Woman Suffrage Parade of 1913


The instructions for this block are on Grandmother's Choice: Votes for Women.

I chose to do an 8" block directly from Block Base (Nancy Page's 1938 Block from her syndicated column). For more information about historical quilt blocks see The Ladies Art Company .

I used EQ7 to print the pattern and then hand pieced the block.

This entire process of a block a week has been a very interesting and informative experience.  I look forward the the weeks remaining. 

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