Monday, April 8, 2013

Block No. 31: Tinted Chains - Click

Block No. 31.  Tinted Chains - Click
This is the 31st week.  I printed this out as a foundation piece.  Foundation pieced the strips, removed the paper and then sewed the strips together by machine.  Locking the points and lots of pins helped to keep the points matching.  

All of the fabric is from my scraps.  The purple dates back to 1998 and probably most of the others too.  The purple I can prove to myself.  The date of the fabric was on the salvage.

The meaning of this block can be found on the Grandmother's Choice Blog.    Some women are in chains but don't realize it.  The click comes when they reach their ah ha moment.

I had fun doing this block.  It gave me practice in matching my points and it allowed the use of small pieces of scraps I have....which are all now nicely organized.

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