Monday, April 8, 2013


Block No. 32:  Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie
We have now passed to week 32.  I can't believe I've actually been able to keep up with these blocks.  I haven't missed a one so far (although I've been late at times).  

This block represents the necktie worn by Teddy Roosevelt who supposedly had women's rights in his heart.  He didn't believe the cause of suffrage for women to be all that important really.  That is until the states started to give women voting rights.  Then he deemed it politically prudent to join in.  

The block was a pattern in Clara Stone's Pattern Catalogue dated 1910. 

I printed this block out from my EQ7 as a foundation piece.  Since the block couldn't really be foundation pieced all the pieces came out individually.  I then printed the pieces on to freezer paper.  I cut out the pieces and ironed them on to the back of the desired color fabric, then hand pieced the block.  The freezer paper allowed me to hand piece easily and also allowed for straight lines in the bowtie. 

Still using up my small (neatly organized) pieces of scrap fabric.

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