Saturday, May 11, 2013

No. 34. Coffee Cup - Not My Job Description

No. 34.  Coffee Cup - Not My Job Description
Coffee is my favorite beverage, so for that reason, I really enjoyed making this cup.  Note the heart.  The heart is for all the females in my family. 

At my age - will be 68 next month, one would think I experienced this - women are the coffee makers at the office  thing -  but I never did.  Perhaps its because I was too intimidating to even suggest I make coffee, or maybe my coffee was just not what they would like. 

Coffee brings up fond childhood memories for me.  Mom, my aunts, and Great Aunt Josephine, and I would go to Grandma's every Sunday after Mass. Grandma would make coffee (set to perk on the stove) and bring out her homemade cookies.  We would visit for hours around the kitchen table and talk about whatever.  There was much animated conversation and laughter. Some times the female neighbors would drop in.     

Then about noon we would all go our separate ways to make dinner for our immediate family.  Most of the time, Sunday was pasta day and  mom would make spaghetti with the tomato sauce  made from scratch.  This took a while so it was started at about one o'clock and done by dinner time.  The house would smell great all day long. 

So I suppose what I'm saying is that coffee on Sunday was a female family thing and I'm not sure but I don't think the men would be welcome.  Never attended by my brother, male cousins, my uncles, or my father.  Grandpa, when he was alive would wonder off somewhere - usually to tend his garden.

I foundation pieced this block.  The heart and handle are appliqued on.  The handle was pieced in while foundation piecing and then appliqued down.

 Fun block to make and for me brought up wonderful memories. I can smell the coffee.  When my Grandma died, I took the coffee cup she always drank from and every year on her birthday - March 1 - we have coffee together.  All my aunts are gone now too.  Mom's still here and enjoying life in Florida with my dad who is 91. 

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